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Dealer Rewards

Dealer Rewards is a program that can be combined with the customer web page or used as a separate program to build customer loyalty. Dealer Rewards has helped dealers increase customer service spend as well as help in return customer vehicle purchases.

Each program is tailored to fit each dealerships needs and requests. By offering reward points for each dollar spent in service, the customer will get a percentage of points towards future discounts in service, sales and accessories determined by the dealership. Customers can also get discounts and local businesses by just showing their rewards key tag or card.

As consumers continue to look for discounts, dealer rewards offers an ongoing database of information based on customer purchases used at the dealership. Personalized emails can be sent out with the amount of rewards points remaining on a customer balance to push them to service, sales or accessory purchases.

Dealers can review top point /dollar rewards customers to help push them towards an earlier new vehicle purchase.

Dealer Rewards can also help with a dealers’ CSI (Customer Service Index). Customers who have a bad experience will often give additional chances for dealership improvement as the customers will have accumulated a large sum of points/dollars towards additional spend, which they would not want to waste. When a dealer signs on to the rewards program, PivNet will provide Keycards, point of sale material, as well as in store training to management and sales associates.

The easy interface makes it simple for anyone to operate. For further information, please contact your PivNet representative.

The examples below are only a sample of what we are able to do. Whether you are a Toyota dealer, an independent or you have a different OEM, we can help you.

  • Screen Grab of a US Military Incentive Banne
  • Sample of our Pivnet Rewards Keytag

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